The Power of Connections to #makestuffhappen

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"My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
~ Forrest Gump

Every once in a while this quote comes to mind, as it does now while I reflect with gratitude on life's kinder, sweeter side...

Thomas Schmitz of Ischebeck Can Ltd.

Vice President of Ischebeck Can Ltd. ~ Thomas Schmitz

Thomas Schmitz

Back in 2016, Thomas Schmitz, VP of Ischebeck Can Ltd. hired me to help strengthen their website presence.

It was imperative that the site not only showcase their products, but also translate their vision of humble competence, quality and integrity.

Through our collaboration, we successfully accomplished these objectives, and what followed was a mutually respectful business relationship.

Last fall, Thomas and I decided to meet for coffee, catch-up on business, and discuss what we could do next to increase Ischebeck Can's online presence.

Concentrating on the art and science of website development, I looked to my connections and shared with Thomas the name of someone who would be more than able to leverage the robust website I had developed for him... social media strategist, author and speaker Jonathan Christian, founder of We Make Stuff Happen.

Jonathan Christian

Jonathan Christian of We Make Stuff Happen

Social media strategist, author and speaker ~ Jonathan Christian #wemakestuffhappen

I met Jonathan at a small business networking event years ago, and was impressed not only with his knowledge of social media, but also with something else. In the 30 or so minutes that Jonathan was given to share how to leverage Google and Google Business, it became apparent that the source of his passion was in helping people - full stop.

When you see that quality in someone, the impression lasts.

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Ischebeck Can Ltd.

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Thomas Schmitz (VP) contacted JenTekk to give the Ischebeck Can Ltd. a website makeover, and build up a showcase of all their products, including downloadable brochures for each item. In addition, the global Ischebeck Titan brand had been updated to include the colour yellow. Thomas' site was the first of any of the global Ischebeck websites to incorporate the brand's new colour.


Ischeback Can Ltd. - Before


Ischeback Can Ltd. - After

The final product uses: Joomla 3.8, Warp template framework, UIKit, Widgetkit for the slideshow, and Phocadownload for the product repository.

The new look presents larger product and project photos, a product brochure repository, modern look and feel, and is responsive / mobile friendly front and back-end.

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Joomla World Conference 2016

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Is your Company or Organization website built on Joomla! CMS? Do you want to learn more about Joomla from leading experts around the globe? Is networking part of your marketing strategy? Are you an open source enthusiast who could use a break, or looking for some inspiration?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then Joomla World Conference 2016 is for you!

Joomla World Conference (JWC) 2016

Joomla World Conference Story

JWC started in 2012 in San Jose, CA, with a little over 200 attendees, and has grown every year, moving to Boston in 2013, Cancun in 2014 and Bangalore in 2015. JWC is planning for over 500 attendees in 2016 as it takes a big jump to Canada. The goal is to be able to include and engage our thriving and growing community. Help spread the word:#JWC16


Date: November 11 - 13, 2016
Venue: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
City: Vancouver BC

For more information: Joomla World Conference 2016

Need to convince your boss to let you go? Top 6 Reasons to Send Me to Joomla World Conference 2016

I will be there as a long-standing Joomla Community Supporter & Sponsor, to network, meet old friends, and to make new ones. Hope to see you there!

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RSFirewall! and website protection

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In the past 90 days JenTekk has received requests from various companies and organizations to clean up their hacked websites.

Today alone JenTekk has been the target of over half a dozen suspicious visitors and/or session injection attempts - and lived to tell about it. Below are the most recent 5 as reported by RSFirewall! - a commercial Joomla! firewall extension.

RSFirewall! - Joomla website firewall extension

With online hacking and cyber security threats on the rise, this is no surprise, and the reason why I always advise my clients to invest in website firewall protection over and above the security best-practices steps we can take to thwart website hackers. No website is unhackable, but not taking these foregoing safety precautions in today's cyber environment is simply asking for trouble.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Installing a firewall extension can save you a considerable amount of time, money and aggravation in the long run, and RSFirewall! at only 49€ is worth every euro.

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Hacker's Calling Card

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A local organization contacted me this week in a panic. Their Joomla CMS website had been hacked... AND the hackers left their calling card.

Hacker's Calling Card

Joomla Security Tips

Below are some tips to help you secure your Joomla CMS site. This isn't an exhaustive list, but taking these steps will certainly make it more difficult for hackers to break-in and infect your site.

  • host your website with a reputable hosting company
  • make sure your host is using the latest version of PHP
  • keep your Joomla core and extensions up-to-date
  • make sure all your extensions are:
  • delete unused templates
  • disable the Joomla generator tag
  • move your Joomla tmp folder outside of the root folder
  • set your permissions properly: 644 for files and 755 folders
  • your configuration.php file should be unwrittable - permission: 444
  • set PHP register_globals OFF
  • enable open_basedir
  • disable_functions = show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, phpinfo, popen, proc_open
  • block typical exploit attempts with local Apache .htaccess files
  • make sure all passwords are at least 12 mixed alphanumeric characters and contain no common word phrases
  • do not use standard Admin user
  • disable anonymous FTP
  • password protect your Joomla Administrator directory
  • install a Joomla CMS firewall extension

Back-up, Back-up, Back-up,

Remember no website is 100% hack-proof so make sure you back-up your site after each update so that if it is hacked, you're able to roll back to the latest clean version.

For more information check out the Joomla Security Checklist documentation.

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Joomla wins 2015 Best Free CMS Award

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Congratulations Joomla!

CMS Critic - a CMS directory and resource website - had very strong competition in the Best Free CMS category with 116 great products like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress in the running.

On January 12, 2016 they announced the winner for the 2015 Best Free CMS Award: Joomla! CMS

Joomla receives 2015 Best Free CMS Award

Call me biased, but I'm not surprised. A big congratulations to everyone in the Joomla Community for a job well done!

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